The tires must be standardized when inflated

    1, inflatable should pay attention to safety. Always use the barometer to check the air pressure, so as not to inflate too much and cause the tyre to burst. Related reading: to replace the new content of tires, nitrogen = comfort + fuel economy to the owners of weapons: choose "low carbon" tires

    2, after stopping driving, must wait for the tire to heat up again after inflating, because when the vehicle moves, the tire temperature will rise, has the influence to the air pressure.

    3. Check the valve. If the valve and valve core do not match properly, the phenomenon of protruding concave and other defects can not be inflated and air pressure is measured.

    4, inflatable should pay attention to cleaning. The filled air shall not contain water or oil to prevent deterioration or deterioration of the rubber in the inner tube.

    5, inflation should not exceed the standard pressure too much after deflation, not for a long time not to go after inflation and excessive inflation, such as exceeding the standard too much will make cord too spread, caused by its low strength, the influence of the tire life.

    6, before the air should be dust valve mouth clean, do not loosen the valve core, inflatable water after application of soap (or slobber) on the valve mouth, leak check (if the leak will produce small bubbles), and the valve cap with impaction, prevent the sediment into the valve inside the mouth.

    7, radial tires inflated, due to its structure, the subsidence, ground area were larger, often mistaken for inflated and excessive inflation; or on the other hand, because of the subsidence and the ground area was larger in low pressure also has plenty of mistaken. Measured by a standard barometer. The use of radial tire pressure should be higher than the general tire 0.51.5kg / cm2.

    8. The barometer of the car or the barometer used by the worker shall be checked regularly so as to ensure the accuracy of the air pressure check.